Diamond Jewellery – Gold, Silver or Platinum?

Diamond Jewellery while very expensive, is highly desirable. However, the question arises what goes with diamonds; Gold, Silver or Platinum?

Platinum is the strongest of the three, next comes Silver and lastly Gold. While the Platinum provides reliability, its strong base means difficulty in crafting with it. This proves very difficult without dedicated equipment leading to a very expensive building cost. Although strong it a softer metal than gold. Meaning, it will easily get scratched as compared to gold or silver. This creates an old ornament look desired by many. Pearlkraft at the moment doesn’t stock or make any platinum ornament due to the low demand in the Indian market.

Gold while not as strong as Platinum, still has the strength to last. For the diamond-studded ornaments, 18K or 14K is preferred, plated white for a platinum-like appearance. 18K while more valuable, will scratch and dent easily. On the other-hand 14K ornament will look good for a longer time. But this problem is easily solved by a quick repair and re-plating.

Silver is the most underrated metal when it comes to ornaments. If crafted properly, it will have a similar appearance to platinum. This means it will look as good with diamonds as platinum jewellery with half the price. The price factor is the most appealing as the price ratio is 60:1 compared to gold. Synthetic or real diamonds, they both look exquisite with silver.

Platinum is expensive and exquisite for the white metal lovers, Gold is for the traditionalists who like jewellery the old fashion way and Silver is for the budget-restricted white metal lovers. So remember when it comes to diamond jewellery you can have Platinum, Gold or Silver. It’s your preference that matters the most.

Noumin Sagar

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