Diamond Shapes

You will have seen diamonds in all shapes and sizes. But not everyone knows about them. Here’s a guide to identifying these diamond shapes.


This is the most common shape. Usually seen in rings, especially in solitaire bands. These shapes are very common because of its ability to fit and stay in an ornament.


diamond-shapesSquare shaped diamonds are called Princess cut. These shapes show a brilliant colour as they reflect light from all the four edges. They can also be found in rectangular shapes as well.


The elongated round shaped diamond is called a ‘Marquise-Cut’. Its shape provides it with the largest surface area, giving the illusion of a larger diamond than its carat.


Similar to the rectangular Princess cut, the Emerald is a more elongated shape. You can identify this cut by its table-like appearance in the middle. The gives more clarity to the diamond and its colour.


Found more in numbers rather than solitaires, the radiant is a square cut with trimmed edges for a unique look. It is a very vibrant and colourful shape.


diamond-shapesIt is a rare cut as finding one in good symmetry is difficult. Pear cut diamonds can be fitted to rings as well as on diamond .

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