Consumer Buying Jewellery on E-commerce Website

Since introduction of E-commerce buying and selling fo goods and services have become very easy accessible at cheap rate and when it comes to Online Shopping thinks which are come in peoples minds are Clothes, Accessories, Electronic Goods and Other Goods when it comes to Jewellery people are afraid to Purchase Jewellery Because they think they will get Defective or fake product if they purchase Jewellery Online. That’s not true due to the rise of e-commerce business and various shopping website which makes peoples life’s awesome and also help to raise their purchase power by purchasing thinks online people are getting goods at a very cheaper rate with Free Delivery and lots of Exclusive Offers provided by the E-commerce Companies. But you are thinking Do Customers Buy Jewellery Online yes because Online Jewellery Industry is very big Industry.

Do Customers Buy Jewellery Online

On the other hand Jewellery industries are also used Online Platforms to increase their Sale and yes people buy the Jewellery online without any worries because these Jewellery Ecommerce companies like Caratlane and Bluestone have created trusts amongst the customer by creating good customer relation and good shopping experience which entitles the customer to purchase the jewellery without any worries. By providing various types of rings, necklace and much more the online jewellery store provides more goods then the retail jewellery near you.

As for the which people buy the jewellery online, the have the estimate of up to USD 5 Billion and the Sale of which is estimated for up to USD 10 Billion which is more than Snapdeal and Jabong.

Do Customers Buy Jewellery Online

Even if you not sure of buying jewellery online e-commerce companies are giving you jewellery with the hallmark Certification and Warranty for a longer period and with free Special maintenance provided by the company for free. Due to rise of Online and E-commerce business, today in India E-commerce has of 627 Million Online Users by the end of 2019 and has just behind to china which is the world’s largest E-commerce estimated Online Users for Up to 650 Million by the end of 2019.

Which easily can be surpassed in 2-3Years. In which the Jewellery industries in India is estimated Online buyer for up to 120 million and the numbers are growing surprising well. In Which the E-commerce Industries has estimated to worth 38.5 Billion USD in which the Jewellery Industries is an estimate of 3.2 Billion USD (US Dollars).

Do Customers Buy Jewellery Online

Due to rise in E-commerce Various retail Jewellery Companies like PC Jewellers, Kalyan and TATA Tanishq are coming into the Online business as well the famous online fashion brands like myntra and jabong are also selling Pure gold online.

In conclusion, those companies who businesses are on the retail bases are now going to the online sector due to the rise in popularity and Companies like Caratlane and Blue are providing you with high quality of jewellery with jewellery certification. 

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