Best Gemstones According to the Indian Astrology

Pukhraj Gemstone

Gemstones are one of the most beautiful stones of all time each gemstone are unique in style in Colour, Size, Shape, etc which helps to make a beautiful ornament. But in India Gemstones are far more than just a Jewellery Stones. We Indians consider Gemstones as a sign of Good Luck so many lives that’s why Indian wear gemstones as a protection form Bad Luck. So to help you to find a perfect gemstone we listed the best gemstones according to you which helps you to prevent your Bad Luck (According to the Indian Astrology System). So let’s Begin the Best Gemstones According to the Indian Astrology.

Note: Each Gemstone has a different effect base on your horoscope so please constant with the Astrologies before trying it out.

9. Diamond (aka Heera)

Diamond is the most precious stone of all time Diamond are used in jewellery, Machines and many other things but Diamond is also used to improve your luck in your married life. That’s right who want to Improve or start a good married life than Diamond is best option those people who wear diamond rings and Jewellery have very long good married life. That’s Why If you want to purpose someone with a good Diamond Ring or a Diamond Ornament.

8. Red Coral (aka Moonga)

If you have lack of confidence, Energy and Fear in yourself than the Red Coral is best for You the Red Coral stone help to improve your confidence increase your energy and prevent your fear in yourself If you wear Red Coral Stones as a ring or as Jewellery than it helps you to Improve your Confidence, Energy and Fear amongst your enemies.

7. Ruby (aka Manek)

Best Gemstones

According to the Indian Astrology those who wear Ruby sure to have promotion in their carrier it also helps to get a raise in your salary. Ruby also helps to make you Independent protect you against your enemies and improve your status amongst others. So if you’re wearing Ruby stone in something like Ring than make sure that’s you should wear in a Gold Ring.

6. Cat’s Eye (aka Lehsunia)

Best Gemstones

If you Loved ones has increase jealousy or bad reputation something like that then the Cat’s Eye stone is best for your loved ones the Cat’s Eye stone also known as Lehsunia Stone this stone help to prevent Jealously and improve good reputation amongst others. The cat’s eye stone also helps them to protect from bad things like scandals and robbery. Wear the Gemstone in the form of Ring or Jewellery.

5. Emerald (aka Panna) 

Panna Gemstone

Emerald Stone is also known as Panna stone is green shiny stone mostly seen rings and Jewellery But do you know that the Emerald stones are a good sign for Great mind, Education and Great Result. Those who wear Emerald stone will have a calm mind and also helps to improve your studies which ultimately helps to get a great result.

4. Hessonite (aka Rahu)

Image result for 4. Hessonite (aka Rahu)

Being happy is one of the most important things in every persons life but sometimes getting those happiness is not so easy in other word’s not everyone is truly happy that’s why Hessonite Stone is best for those people who are very depressed in there because the Hessonite Stone helps to improve your Happiness, Health and Finance and also helps to protect you against your enemies who are laying traps on you.

3. Pearl (aka Moti)

Best Gemstones

Pearl on of the most beautiful gemstones of all time the white rounded gemstone that comes from beautiful sea creature oyster which used to make beautiful Pearl neckless but do you know that wearing Pearl also help to calm your mind prevent your depression and relax your brain won’t know that pearl helps to prevent human’s brain most common problem.

2. Blue Sapphire (aka Neelam)

neelam gemstone

If you are one of those hard-working people but still not get any success than blue Sapphire is best for the Blue Sapphire Gemstone is for those people who are very hardworking because this gemstone help to get success in your hardworking carrier to remember the Blue Sapphire only work for those people who are very hardworking and thus not work if someone is lazy.

1. Yellow Sapphire (aka Guru)

Best Gemstones

The Yellow Sapphire is one the best Gemstone of all time not only it looks good but the Yellow Sapphire helps you to give good health, success, financial, increase your business expansion, give long life and improve or better your marriage life. The Yellow Sapphire works even better if it is worn by women.