Real or Synthetic – which diamonds are best for you

The diamond jewelry market is booming more than ever. People are buying more diamond jewelry as compared to plain gold or silver. There are basically two types of diamonds you would have heard of; Real and CZ (Cubic Zirconia)/AD (American Diamonds) which are synthetically made. How do you tell the difference? Well, here I will give some of the common factors that will differentiate these two.


diamondsThe obvious first factor to differentiate is the price of the diamond. If the diamonds are clear and the price being asked for is ridiculously low, then they are CZ/AD. Usually clear diamonds a very rare and therefore expensive compared to colored. They have a higher demand and beauty appeal.


diamondsThe next thing to watch out for is the clarity of the diamond. You might need an eye-piece for it, but sometimes a magnifying glass also works in the case of slightly bigger diamonds. The diamond in question would have some internal defects which are a natural phenomenon occurring in its formation process. Any man-made stone would have a very clear and clean look differentiating it from the real thing.


Diamonds are known for their sparkle. You might think, the shinier it is the better – wrong. It is, in fact, the opposite. Real diamonds, exhibit a lower sparkle than the artificial one. If you possess a real diamond then compare it with a fake, the shinier will be the fake. However; if you are unable to compare then look for the rainbow-like sparkle, that one will be a fake


diamondsNot a very practical option, but one to keep in mind. Any artificial diamond will retain more heat compared to a real diamond due to its composition structure.


Chances are you won’t get to test this one out either, but it’s good to have this knowledge. Any synthetic diamond will scratch very easily. You will need god’s hand to break the real diamond but, a synthetic will always break easily with tools. So when testing start of will trying to just scratch it.


The most trusted and common way to tell a real diamond from artificial is a government-issued certificate. Any government certification will tell you whether your stone is a real or a fake. And if you are buying in a shop or online, always ask for the certificate of authenticity from the seller.

So how to tell which is best for you? Well if you are on a budget crunch the synthetic diamonds are a good deal. Although not the “real” thing, they have a very similar appearance. The best thing is they are easy and cheaper to replace if you loose on from an ornament.

Pearkraft stock ornaments with both synthetic and real diamonds. So you can choose between those two. While the real diamonds we sell, are with a proper IGI certificate, our synthetic diamonds are of high quality. They will not scratch easily for longer life.

Noumin Sagar

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